Anonymous said: I am a woman who has issues about myself which are alleviated by visiting a mentor each month for guidance and punishment as he thinks appropriate. After a session with him I feel at ease with myself My punishment is a hard naked caning which leaves my bottom marked for two weeks There is no sex involved and there is no contact between me and my mentor between appointments. The caning is very painful and I cry out at times .Have you come across anyone else who needs such correction. Helen

I have provided such correction on occasion, albeit with my hand and a paddle, not with a cane. I’m glad you’re able to find what you need.

Anonymous said: When i was younger i had serious health problems and lived at home with my parents in my 20s. It was totally degrading to have to follow my mum around everywhere and do as i was told like a child. Into my early 20s my mum took any opportunity to place her hand on my butt, i suppose it was her way of saying that i belonged to her still. I have left home now but those days were pretty weird, i had a fear of spanking that even now i have left home has effected me.

— Anonymous

My Confessions

I’m going to kick things off with a brief list of my own spanking confessions:

  • I was never spanked as a kid, but I always wondered what it would be like. Not that I ever wanted to get in that much trouble, but I always wanted to know just how awful it would be. I was terrified that my dad would someday put me over his knee, but he never did.
  • There was a time I should’ve gotten spanked by my neighbor’s mom. I wasn’t, but it was close. As an adult, I played that scene out with a female friend who is also a mom, and it hit all my buttons.
  • I want to be spanked by two women. Preferably each of them holding a paddle. I’m going to need to have my hands bound so I don’t go anywhere, which is worrisome because I hate being out of control like that.
  • I wish I could like spanking as much as my partners do. I like being spanked, but my partners like it much harder than me. Once I get to a certain point, it becomes unpleasant. And because I can’t get into a submissive mindset, I just get angry at myself for not being able to take more. I can’t push through that and get to subspace.

Now it’s your turn. What are your spanking confessions? Send them anonymously or put your name on them; either way is fine.